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Our Services

Appliance Repair Service at its finest

Despite being hard to manage, appliance repairs For proper functioning, better productivity, & optimal performance, all household appliances must be kept in the best operational threshold possible and expedite those timely repairs and services to avoid spending heavy amounts of capital on new appliances and electronic items.

What to do when your appliance stops working?

Well, you call Greenlite Repair Services.
Depending upon the specific type of breakdown, the complexity, the labour-intervention and the overall kind of repair changes dramatically. However, most of these electronic, household-items and appliance repairs are very complex in nature and require the assistance of a dedicated and specialized technician familiar with all the internal operating mechanisms of household appliances. With Greenlite Repair Services, you can be sure that you will get professional solutions for all your electrical appliances repairs and exceptional after-sales service.

Our services include

  • Blenders and Microwave Maintenance
  • Heating Cooling Maintenance
  • Refrigerator Maintenance
  • Dryers (Electric and Gas) Maintenance
  • Loader Maintenance
  • Stove and Dishwater Maintenance


Need someone to help you with small tasks? Give us a try!

Fixing and Installation

Professional installation and fixing of various equipment.

Electronics Repair

All your electronics repair solutions in one place.

Request your free estimate and get the best handyman and electronic appliance repair services from Greenlite Repair Services.