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Online Electronic Repair Service


Bringing to You the Next-Gen Electronics Repair Service.

Qualified repairers for your household appliances.

Greenlite Repair Services puts all its experience in emergency troubleshooting at the service of its customers by also offering support contracts for your household appliances.

Get coverage for all your appliances, cooking, refrigeration, and washing with one support contract. 

Entrust your household appliances to professional repairers!
The halogen hearth of your hob is faulty? Does your refrigerator’s cooling generator no longer work? Is the resistance of your oven broken? With Greenlite Repair Services, get quick intervention in the event of a problem. One of the professionals in our network will work directly with you as soon as possible to repair your household appliance.

We understand that every penny you earn is important to you and earned after massive hard work. We know how much you value your earnings and spend every single dollar bill carefully. Getting extra expenditures like electronic board repair services can put a heavy load on your budget.

Your emergency appliance repairs with HomeServe on demand!

We are all equipped with more and more household appliances intended to help us daily in our household chores. Dishwashers, dryers, refrigerators, ovens, or other stoves save us precious time every day.

When one of your household appliances breaks down, a question arises: should it be replaced with a new one or have it repaired? At Greenlite, we provide on-demand online electronic repair services in Eastpointe, MI.

We believe that the repair of household appliances has two main advantages: in addition to saving you money compared to the purchase of a new appliance, it also responds to ecological concerns by avoiding throwing away a household appliance that would operate for several more years.

Best Electric Appliances Repair and Maintenance Services.

No matter if house appliances trip out of nowhere, or all of a sudden you require commercial electronics repair, our talented technicians are there for your help. We take care of all electronic appliances, including heavy machinery, from fixing simple things like switchboards or providing the best electric dryer maintenance. Our technicians are well-trained, having skills and expertise to deal with all kinds of electronic repairing. Call our store or leave a message to learn more about our services. We also provide an online electronic repair service; you can call us, and we’ll guide you about the small repairs that might not take much time to repair.

Industrial Electronic Repair Services.

Of all the good reasons to choose Greenlite Repair Services for your industrial electronic repairs, our extensive array of test and diagnostic tools is the most important one. When you select our services to repair your electronic components, our expert electricians thoroughly evaluate and diagnose the fault using advanced test equipment and proprietary techniques. Your electronic components are repaired by our trained, conscientious electronics technicians certified in electronics repair and rework standards.

After the repair is completed, we run a 100% functionality test to guarantee repair integrity.

Electronic Board Repair Service In Michigan

How does it feel when you turn on the light or use an appliance, but nothing happens? It is better to call a reliable electrician to fix the issue instead of repairing it on your own and making the problem even worse. Greenlite Repair Services can assist you with your electrical issues of every size and scope, including electronic board repair service.

Our electricians are equipped to fix or replace:

  • Faulty wiring
  • Outlets
  • Switches and panels
  • Electric cables

We have extensive years of experience in providing residential and commercial electrical services.

Diagnosing Problems.

Our technicians first start with fully understanding how everything is connected at your home or office to fix any electronic problem. We examine your electrical fixtures (outlet covers, lights, and fans). However, these are only the facade of a very complex system of energy, and even just simply uncovering them requires expertise and knowledge. The switch could go out or get hot to the touch; if it needs a single replacement or the root problem is faulty wiring, we understand the cause and fix it to avoid reoccurring.

Sometimes the fault goes as further as connecting the switch, splice box, sub-panel, main panel, or even into the underground conduit piping that connects your property to the power grid. The problem may arise at any point that only professional technicians like us can repair.

Fixing Issues.

Once the technicians conduct the proper diagnosis of what is unfolding, the next step is to fix the problem(s) and install new and durable materials. Note that the constant-changing county and city codes govern all residential housing electrical work. It’s our responsibility to keep up with them, and it is the responsibility of your local building inspectors to root out any violation of these codes that may occur. These codes exist strictly to reduce the risk of everything.

From a small occurrence, such as tripping of breakers, to major ones, like igniting electrical fires.  We ensure that every aspect of electrical infrastructure is properly installed with every connection of current running smoothly in your building.

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